Graduate Short Film
Prod. Comp.: Temple University
Director: Harold Batista
Producer: Temple University
Tape Due: Mon Jan 3
Interview Dates: Sat/Sun Jan 8/9, Temple University, Philadelphia
Callback Dates: TBD
Shoot Window: Feb 22-27 (negotiable with actors' availability)
Time Commitment: One 3hr rehearsal, three 8hr shoot days; 4hrs max per day for minor.
Pay Rate: SAG-AFTRA Micro Budget - $200 per day
Location: Philadelphia, PA
All Production with be compliant with COVID safety standards.


It’s the mid-eighties and six-year-old Timmy is going to be a big brother. There is nothing he wants more in life than the premiere home video game system. When his mother loses the pregnancy, Timmy offers to give up his video game savings to buy a new baby brother. This gesture inadvertently helps his parents realize they already have everything they need.


TIMMY: 4-9; Super imaginative and kindhearted for his age. There is nothing he wants more in the world than a video game system… and a younger brother sidekick to help him on his space missions. Comes up with clever scheme to take water from the shopping mall fountain home to pour in his piggy bank, transforming every coin into a wish.

LUCY (MOM): 30-38; Almost lost Timmy in amniotic fluid when he was born pre-maturely. Has had two miscarriages since but hasn’t given up hope. She’s 26 weeks pregnant. Stay at home mom who infuses little parts of every day with humor and imagination.

TOM (DAD): 30-38; Desperately wants a second child and very protective of the one he already has. Married ten years ago and still madly in love with his wife. Hangs telephone lines for a living and brings home a salary of $21,336.

MARY (GRANDMA): 50-64. Puts herself last. Loves gossip but secretive about her own past. Caretaker for her bedridden husband.

Please Prepare

[1] a 1-minute Monologue for the Initial Audition in Mp4 Format. (optional for minor)
[2] Headshot / Resume / Phone number / Union Status / D.O.B. (if minors only)
[3] Residence City and State *DO NOT APPLY unless you live within 3 hours of Philadelphia